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Mérou d'Eau Douce - The Freswater Grouper

Mérou d'Eau Douce - The Freswater Grouper

Discover Mérou d'Eau Douce, the Freswater Grouper! 😍🐠⛵.


Our Freshwater Grouper does not have sea legs 😱. He swims very badly, he is prone to seasickness 🤢 and he sucks in seamanship ➰.


There is bound to be a freshwater sailor around you to offer a Freshwater Grouper for Christmas 🎅🐟🚣‍♂️⛄🎄


Our Freshwater Grouper is designed in France. It is assembled in Portugal using eco-responsible production methods, and it transfers 10% of its profits to the Tara Ocean Foundation, which is fighting against micro-plastic pollution in our oceans.


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