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Mérou Doudou - The Blanket Grouper

Mérou Doudou - The Blanket Grouper

Hello Mérou Doudou 😍🐰👶🐥🍼!


Sometimes we find life unfair. Like for example when we realized that all babies in the world were deprived of a grouper comforter because there were none 😭😡🙈


So we took out our pencils, our notebooks, our most beautiful boards of high quality fabrics and we designed Mérou Doudou, the sweetest grouper ❤️


Our Mérou Doudou, in addition to being soft, is cuddly, affectionate, generous, and will know how to wrap young and old with a cloud of tenderness.


Because we all have a birth gift to give, a baby to spoil ... but above all because life is too hard to be lived without a Mérou Doudou by his side ❣️🐠💕


Our Mérou Doudou is designed in France. It is assembled in Portugal using eco-responsible production methods, and it transfers 10% of its profits to the Tara Ocean Foundation, which is fighting against micro-plastic pollution in our oceans.


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