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Mérouvingien - The King of Groupers

Mérouvingien - The King of Groupers

Here is Mérouvingien! 👑🐟😅!


Merouvingien is not just anyone! Because Mérouvingien is the king of groupers ❤️🐠🤣🐟


Charming in his spare time, he can be despot and tyrannical. Whenever he passes the Palace of Versailles, he can't help but dream of the day he will live there 🏰🐠💪.


Because yes, our Merouvingien intends to conquer the world! Until this day, he sings in a rock group. Because why not 🤣🐟👑😍🎤.


Our Mérouvingien is designed in France. It is assembled in Portugal using eco-responsible production methods, and it transfers 10% of its profits to the Tara Ocean Foundation, which is fighting against micro-plastic pollution in our oceans.


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